I help individuals and organisations understand and respond to change.

The world is changing, not just incrementally, but qualitatively, and societies like New Zealand are increasingly characterised by diversity, differentiation and fragmentation, rather than homogeneity, standardisation and the economies of scale which characterised the 20th century. In economic terms, flexible specialisation is on the rise. But the change is not just economic, it impacts on every aspect of life.

I am interested in the “big picture”, but I have specific expertise in the areas of education, higher education, food systems, social development, local economic development, government/politics and leadership.

I am associated with a number of key areas including: personalising learning; universities as engines of change;, New Zealand as a Food Nation and as a Restaurant to the World; social development and social investment; (g)local and regional leadership; purposeful leadership; and progressive politics. 

I can make a contribution to your organisation by:

·       joining your governance team;

·      working with Boards and Management Teams to develop strategy;

·      talking with staff about the major trends that are shaping their world or focus on specific questions;   

·      providing written analysis of changes impacting on specific organisations;

·      working with leaders and prospective leaders on how to do their job in a rapidly changing world;

·      working on specific projects when organisations are implementing change.

I have the academic knowledge and the hands on practical skills to cut through the clutter that often surrounds change and make a difference for you and your organisation.

If this sounds interesting – get in touch. If you just want to chat – I will buy the coffee.